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VIGONEZ MARS product series for controlling vermin is highly selective, and has low use concentration, which guarantees effects in controlling troublesome pests.

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VIGONEZ products are an innovation on the market of insecticides. The product has a fast and long-lasting residual effect against arachnids and their larvae.

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VIGONEZ VENUS cloths are an innovation on the market of cleaning agents. Due to the saturated detergent, they will remove the most stubborn dirt — even time- and temperature-preserved residues.

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Pests feeding on plants are a huge issue for owners of allotments and gardens.
VIGONEZ URAN ECO will cleverly and efficiently protect your garden against insects and snails.

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Additional dispenser for each spray

For each insect spray (NEPTUNE series) we add a hose with a special tip. This set lets you reach even the most hard-to-get places.
The tip causes round spattering at a desired pressure.



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Agent for removing mould

It removes the most stubborn mould from plaster, cement, sheet rock, concrete, and other surfaces.

Product catalog

Product catalog

About us

The company of Vigonez was established in 2003 as a producer of insecticides, rodent control products, as well as cleaning agents, and disinfectant. Gradually we have extended our offer to incorporate a wide range of cleaning and controlling products which surpass any other agents available on the market.

Our goal was to design products characterized by high efficiency, which were capable to come through regardless of the circumstances, and despite the type of pest or dirt.

Currently we own three product groups:

  • rodent control agents VIGONEZ MARS,
  • insecticides VIGONEZ NEPTUNE,
  • cleaning agents VIGONEZ VENUS.

Our products are manufacture by top Italian producers specialized in providing pest control and cleaning agents to experts in the field.

We offer only EU-tested products to our customers. Maintaining the highest quality of our agents is a priority for us.

We encourage you to check our offer, and see the efficiency and innovation of our products for yourself.

Why would you choose VIGONEZ for pest control?

Currently we offer agents practically against all pesky insects and rodents in various forms which lets you select the best and most efficient way of control.

Use sprays, concentrates, and powders to get rid of insects. Furthermore, a stronger agent is available for exteriors and utility rooms.
Use poison in the form of grains, pastes, pellets, or powder.

Due to our unique prescriptions and state-of-the-art technology, Vigonez products are reliable, and additionally their variety guarantees efficiency in all conditions.

With our products pest control is nothing to worry about!

Why would you use VIGONEZ for cleaning?

Instead of purchasing a washing agent, a washer, and a polishing agent, use our special VIGONEZ VENUS cloth saturated with a proper detergent. They are extremely practical — just pour some water onto the cloth to activate the agent, and you are ready to clean.

Our cloths remove even the most stubborn dirt, like time-preserved deposits, such as limescale or soot.
They are fantastic for removing temperature-preserved stains, e.g. on stoves, ovens, grills, or irons.

You will be able also to clean tarnish of silver, copper, and brass, or of music instruments, without the fear of scratching their surface.

With its unique recipe and extraordinary effectiveness VIGONEZ products have gained recognition of professionals and are used and recommended by disinfection, disinfestation and rat extermination companies.